mardi 21 juillet 2009

Ce soir un Koo movie sur Aire suivi d'un concert ...

Have you ever seen a "Koo" movie ? Join us on the 22nd of July 12H15 PM SL time on "AIRE"

􀀀 -> Russian movie with english subtitles

** IMPORTANT ** Please update your Quicktime player :

- The default skies in Second Life are boring, why not use one those interesting presets ?
Here is the way to use them :

(If you want to fly at high altitude please "wear" a flight assist device).

You can contact Eupalinos Ugajin or Marc Moana if you have any question.


* Ketse (pronounced « keh-tseh» ) — matches
* Chatle — a form of money
* Tsak — a small bell worn on the nose to indicate the low social status of the wearer
* Tenture and Antitenture — two opposite parts of the Universe. Some planets and galaxies exist in Tenture and some (including Earth) in Antitenture. (Compare with the Light Universe and the Dark Zone in Lexx).
* Pepelatz — an interplanetary spacecraft (from the Georgian word « pepela» for butterfly)
* Gravitsapa — a component for the pepelats which allows intergalactic travel
* Tsapa — a component for different machines. A big tsapa is a very important component for the pepelatz. A small tsapa is a component for the gravitsapa; without the small tsapa, a gravitsapa will not work. Tsapa is similar to a very rusty screwnut
* Kappa — a button or lever
* Lootz — the fuel used by the pepelatz, it is made of water
* Ecilop — a policeman (» police» spoken backwards)
* Ecikh — a box for prisoners; also the inprisonment in such box (as a penalty); also the Ecikh is a jail with many such boxes (» Ecikh» is from the Georgian word « tsikhe» for prison)
* Kew — a socially acceptable curse
* Koo — All other words


A la suite de quoi je streame un concert vers minuit sur Aire ce soir ...

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