vendredi 4 juin 2010

55 Sounds to The Sky - english version

an english introduction to my latest virtual sonic work "55 sounds to the sky" created on March 2010 for Aire Ville Spatiale on Second Life.

This sound installation is made entirely with SL 3D build and scripting ressources. All sounds are created by me on computer and then introduced into scripts in the virtual space. Scripts then operate trough objects in order to form a virtual spatialized sound composition. Avatars have to experience "55 sounds to the sky" more like a journey then as a regular sound installation where things are most of the time comon "action- reaction" type events.

What i do in "55 sounds to the sky" is to take a whole virtual space location as the "blanc page" or "empty session" to write-put-edit-and transform the sounds. The final mix - the real whole sound experience - is made by the avatar's movement trough this sounding space.
It's a 3D musical composition : sounds are operating in the 3 dimensions continously and simultaneously. It is not a fixed composition - everything is evolving in real time - and never an avatar could make twice the same experience walking trough "55 sounds to the sky".

In order to give this sound experience a shape and some visual point of references Balthazar Truffaut created a subtle objects and particles environnement.
All these are put on five different plates or states of mind, going from ground to sky, each made of eleven distinguished sound material. The summing is 55.
The five stages are integrated in Werner Kurosawa's gigantic tower.

"55 sounds to the sky" has taken part in a collectiv exhibition on Aire Ville Spatiale "Schroedinger's Axis" and is now a permanent exhibition.

Real time demo can be made direct from SL with video projection on conferences or exhibitions.

A video will come soon ... ^^

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More about me here (CV) :

"55 sounds to the sky"
Creator : Christine Webster aka Wildo Hofmann
Amibia plate-form : BiosynapseTae
Scripting, build and visual : Balthazar Truffaut

Aire Ville Spatiale
Marc Moana - curator

"55 sounds to the sky"

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