vendredi 27 février 2009

AudioMulch 2.0

AudioMulch sera compatible mac Intel dans la prochaine version 2.0
Une très bonne nouvelle pour un environnement modulaire d'exception et tout à fait original.
Un de mes meilleurs souvenirs dans mes découvertes sur PC ...

AudioMulch 2.0 is now in the final stages of development. Due to the scope of development things have taken longer than anticipated. The release will take place on May 1, 2009. Apologies to existing users for the delay, and thank you for your patience.

AudioMulch 2.0 is not just a new version, it is the next generation of AudioMulch. It will provide a foundation for a new cycle of feature development and improvements that will be rolled out in regular updates after the 2.0 release. Currently we are focused on delivering a stable and reliable release as soon as practical.

AudioMulch 2.0 will run on Windows (XP, Vista) and natively on Macintosh OSX (Intel only). Click the screenshots at the right for a closer look at the current (unfinished) user interface.


AudioMulch 2.0 will be backward-compatible with AudioMulch 1.0. It will provide all AudioMulch 1.0 functionality. The Macintosh version of AudioMulch will be able to load AudioMulch 1.0 patches.

Improvements to the AudioMulch core will include:

  • Significant performance increases for audio processing (up to twice the efficiency in some cases)
  • Patchable MIDI routing
  • MIDI and Automation control of Metasurface, tempo and transport
  • Support for complex time signatures including automated time signature changes and additive meters
  • Improved support for consumer multichannel audio
  • Settings for enabling audio, MIDI and network functions at start-up

The AudioMulch 2.0 user interface has been re-coded from the ground up. This has lead to numerous work-flow improvements, including:

  • A new Patcher with advanced drag-and-drop patching
  • Dockable windows improving multi-monitor operation
  • Faster access to MIDI control and parameter values
  • Floating Parameter Control (formerly Parameter Modulation) window
  • Nameable contraption presets

Licencing and Pricing

AudioMulch 2.0 licences will be portable across Windows and Macintosh. If you switch from Macintosh to Windows or vice versa you will be able to continue to use the same 2.0 licence. Upgrades from AudioMulch 1.0 to AudioMulch 2.0 will also be portable across Windows and Macintosh.

As previously announced, a full version 2.0 licence will be priced at $189 (USD). All AudioMulch 2.0 licences will be valid on both Windows and Mac OSX.

The upgrade fee for licenced users of version 1.0 will be $89. New users may find better value by buying AudioMulch 1.0 now and upgrading upon release of version 2.0. A pre-purchase upgrade to version 2.0 is available to volume education customers contact for more information.

-- Ross Bencina, Melbourne, February 24, 2009.

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