samedi 7 février 2009

Sounds from Second Life : Whitetrash Plays Whitenoise

Whitetrash opéra from webster - hofmann on Vimeo.

Vidéo brut de décoffrage prise hier soir en vitesse ...

A voir absolument et entendre également !
Aujourd'hui et encore demain !

You are invited to Whitetrash Plays Whitenoise
_____ Prosumer: Mosmax Hax
_____ Trivialmaschinen

6.feb 2009 1pm SLTime

6.feb 2009 1pm SLTime
7.feb 2009 1pm SLTime
8.feb 2009 1pm SLTime

Au Chris Marker/Museum fuer Gestalt, Ouvroir (144, 111, 2023)

Automatic transmission by Cinzia Zanzibar , Schwanzlurch Salamander, Falsche Hoffnung , Hirnhaut Suppenkraut, Erdbeermund Schnute, Inworld Placebo, Hegemon Maximus, Hardwarehacker Hoch and others.

"Menschenbilder, sowas Grausliches. Also der Mensch interessiert mich nicht, wenn ich das so hart sagen darf." - Texte zur Kunst, Niklas Luhmann

the manifesto of the 3rd Life Church reads as follows:

"Excuse Me, But Are You Human?
We are "intellectual" avatars, to arrogate the same rights of privacy that flesh-and-blood humans have.
We don't believe in AI (Artificial Intelligence) because, - WE ARE! - Ready!
Our human operator is a spiritual machine which should be set on sedatives to derive more freedom in our schizophrenic relationship.
Antagonism and bondage to the dictatorship of our users!"
We are "Prosumers".


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